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I was impressed when I heard Cameron this summer at the Jag conference, and even more so when I read his book.

-- Gracia S.

I loved your book & would like to share your thoughts with my 12 & 15 year old children...Hard working, determined, and respectful are positive qualities any mother would want her son to have!

-- Susan H.

So far, I have read the published excerpts from your latest book, and YOU have given me the inspiration to continue, against all odds. As the eldest of six children, I was able to assist each brother and sister in learning to read. While a teenager, I dreamed of helping kids everywhere, because I have always believed reading is the main key to higher education and ultimate success with anything they desire to accomplish.

-- Donna B.

Just finished your book...GREAT read!

-- Bill W.

I just got done reading your book! It was great! One of the best books I have ever read!

-- Leonard M.

Read your most recent book "You Call the Shots" and enjoyed it.

-- Anthony C.

I just finished reading this inspiring book. Now I'm eager to test myself, to see if i can take the next step to be a Entrepreneur.

-- Mark L.

I really enjoyed your book.

-- Tyrone M.

Just read the book (twice) and loved it.

-- Joseph C.

Love your book, ready for another. Always wanted to start a new business, hope your book inspires me to follow through this time.

-- Chris F.

I just finished reading You call the shots.. what a great book...I can't wait to use all resources at the end of the book to help point me in the right direction. Thanks for your inspiration.

-- Jill C.

I read your book a couple of months ago. I'm interested in getting more involved as an entrepreneur online.

-- Gary S.

Good Book! Thanks for the encouragement and insight!

-- Dan W.

Loved your book. Very motivating and inspirational.

-- John P.

I read your book, and would like to thank you for the inspiration. The points you made in the book about business and life really remind me of the things we take for granted.

-- William P.

You did a great job with the book, it really inspired me and to help me use more of my mind than using my back.

-- Dirk B.

Your book was life changing for me in producing both the confidence I now have for my sales job and to foster ideas in me to start my own business.

-- Ed S.

I loved you book. I came across it by accident at my local library. I'm glad I did. You offered some great fundamentals of business & logic.

-- Mike B.

I have read the book and was very inspired by it.

-- Jessica W.

I am currently reading your newest book, "You Call The Shots". I am quite interested to see that you had success at such a young age. I am 15 myself and have been recently inspired to possibly start a small business in which I can gain a minor profit doing something I enjoy.

-- Kevin G.

I just finished your book, You Call The Shots. Awesome!!!!

-- Pat R.

I recently read your new book and wanted to tell you that I thought it was both insightful and intriguing. Most business books I have read recently are hard to get through because of all the technical jargon, but your book was a pleasure to read from cover to cover.

-- Jeremy J.

I wanted to say that I enjoyed your book, and being not much older than you, I am definitely impressed with your success.

-- Greg D.

Thanks for writing your book. I found it to extremely valuable and pertinent to my current stage in my entrepreneurial endeavors.

-- Dan S.

Just recently my fiancé and I and I where looking at books in the entrepreneur section and she happened to pick your book up. That night I happened to have a little time to start reading and never put your book down since.

-- Anthony S.

Love your book!

-- Martha G.

Thank you for sharing. Your book has lifted my spirit.

-- Michelle C.

your book has been a real insight to me and what you can do.

-- Oliver X.

I just finished reading your book and I must say I was very impressed...up until six months ago I had never even considered becoming an entrepreneur. Now it's all I can think about thanks to you and some influential professors.

-- Greg V.

I loved the book and cannot wait for the next book Cameron Johnson writes.

-- Ryan M.

Loved the book!

-- Patti C.

I am impressed with your book. Congratulations!!! I found lots of resources I was able to use immediately so my next step is to wait and see the results.

-- Isabel N.

After reading your book You Call the Shots I am truly fired up.

-- John M.

I've just completed listening to your book, You Call the Shots, which is outstanding.

-- Jason Z.

I got your book a few weeks ago and really enjoyed reading it. I was really glad to see such a young person achieve so much.

-- Michael D.

I live in Puerto Rico and English is not my first language, so with a bit of difficulties I started reading your book You Call the Shots. Since it was taking me a little bit of time to read it, I went to the audio-book section a week later and I found your audio-book of the same title. I have not stopped listening to it every day since...After listening to your audio-book a few times, I find the most useful advice being your work ethic. I really like the way you think and the reasons behind making every business.

-- Edgar A.

My mother sent me your book as a gift, and I have been reading it while riding the subway to work everyday. I have almost finished you book in only a week of riding and have tried to apply your mindset to my day to day work.

-- Nicholas D.

Great book! All my children are getting their own copies.

-- Tom G.

My son and I just listened to your book on CD together. While he is only ten - he picked up on many of the concepts quickly. We both enjoyed it very much!

-- Mark P.

I read your book cover-to-cover three times and have been fired-up to start a business.

-- Kiran V.

I just read your book and thought it was great. I want to learn more.

-- Ron S.

I'm reading your book, and loving it.

-- Prem S.

Great book...I was motivated.

-- Gerry B.

Just finished your book and was inspired.

-- Jim S.

Read the book...awesome.

-- Nicholas G.

I read your book. Really like your book.

-- May W.

Loved your book.

-- Jason S.

The book is great. Thanks for the advice.

-- Yen-Ming P.

I just finished your book and just wanted to say THANK YOU! Your book put me back in the game and not just to play but to WIN!

-- Greg P.

I just read your book "You Call the Shots" in the Chinese edition (I lived in Taiwan).I appreciate those ideas and principles which you presented in the book.

-- David C.

I loved your book

-- Eli S.

I love your book. It's going to change my life!

-- Kasey W.

I really enjoyed listening to your book...I want to thank you for leading by example.

-- Dallas P.

I enjoyed your book.

-- Victor L.

I'm currently on page 45 of your book with much to go, and I love it...I'd love to extend a kind word and just let you know I'm very happy with your success.

-- Dane M.

My dad read your book and was raving about it and I just knocked it out in 2 nights. Great book, better story, and very inspiring...Your book and story has inspired me to dig in deep and start evaluating options- potential business ideas, timelines, finances, etc. It has also spurned my ideas of starting a foundation for kids teaching the power of saving change- small sacrifices lead to big rewards. Thanks again and I appreciate the inspiration.

-- Jonathan W.

Read the book...great ideas

-- Charles G.

I just finished your book, I loved it...Thanks for the inspiration and great advice.

-- Jessica V.

Just read your latest book, very interesting.

-- Nathan M.

Great book.

-- Gordon C.

I read your book. I never thought every ordinary person could even have a chance to be a business owner like you. That's why I am here to get secrets from you.

-- WeiChao Y.

Your book really is a hit in Taiwan. And I really like your way of doing things and running businesses. Mr. Johnson I'm going to be the next you.

-- Eldon C.

I was so impressed with the book "You Call the Shots"

-- Dejan S.

I have read You Call the Shots already. It's just great.

-- HenKuo L.

Totally enjoyed your book.

-- Francisco G.

Congratulations on your many Successful businesses and the great book.

-- Berry V.

I read your book and really enjoyed it. Thanks for all the insight and motivation!!

-- Darrell H.

Just finished reading your book... great stuff. Thanks for the inspiration to finish what i started years ago.

-- Christopher M.

I just want to tell you that I am a huge fan of yours after reading your book. You are truly an inspiration.

-- Tony C.

I am about half way through your book, and have found it full of great ideas. I look forward to the second half.

-- Matt S.

I just finished You Call the Shots and was completely blown away and motivated!!! Thank you so much for such a great book.

-- Haley L.

Loved your book Cameron! Nice ideas.

-- Sean Y.

I am reading your book and it has really awakened me. Seeing the things you've done with little advantage over anyone else, and at such a young age, has made me realize my potential...I don't know how I'm going to do this, but reading your book has shown me it's possible...Thank you again for waking me up!

-- Aaron G.

I have read the Chinese version of your book. You have inspired me a lot.

-- Daisy K.

Reading your book about a year ago encouraged me to start working on some website projects. Now those projects make me more money than my part time job. Not a killing, but still -- thanks for the encouragement.

-- Sean C.

Really liked your book "You Call the Shots".

-- John K.

I am currently reading your book," You Call the Shots". From what I read so far (I just finished chapter 6 "Surround Yourself With Great People") you have written a pretty informative book...Thank You for such a great and inspiring book.

-- Damien N.

I went and bought your book this weekend and have almost completed it. I want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have done amazing things. I have really enjoyed reading it and it really has me rethinking some things that I can do myself. I've had plenty of ideas but have been too hesitant to push forward to try and accomplish them. You have given me hope and I want to say Thank You for that.

-- Tracy

I am always hearing there is too much competition or I am too young and do not have enough experience. But after reading your book, I was blown away and have been telling everyone about it. I read through it in a few days when I had the time and have found it to be such a great motivation for me. I just wanted to thank you for writing it and let you know it really is a huge inspiration to me and I am sure many others who read it.

-- Jake S.

I just completed your book "You Call the Shots" and was completely encouraged by your stories of starting businesses and plan to continue to attempt entrepreneurial endeavors as well!

-- Raul G.

I just read your book last week. I truly enjoyed it. It has helped me to be able to look at many business concepts in a new light. I would have to say that I was skeptical when I first saw your book in the local store; however, while reading your book I found it both incredible and inspiring that you have accomplished so much at such a young age.

-- Brandon J.

Your book has profoundly affected me positively and because of that, please consider me a friend for life. You seem to me to be a person with a big heart. You are a hero of mine for what you've done for me. Just wanted you to know.

-- Voyie B.

As I type this note to you I am listening to your book on CD. It is amazing!

-- Diane L.

I just finished reading your new book, "You Call the Shots" tonight and I thought I'd drop you a line to say congratulations on your many successes.

-- Chris H.

Because of your book, I got a small insight into the wonderful community you live in, so, I just wanted to let you know that you, and all the people of Blacksburg, will be in my thoughts and daily prayers in the days to come. You are a positive voice for Virginia Tech and your town, and, I believe that you will find a new purpose in becoming a leader for healing in your community.

-- Colleen Z.

Loved your audio book, "You Call the Shots." I listened to it for weeks on my ride to work. I've always felt a strong sense of possibilities and optimism, but I'm not always surrounded by like-minded people. For that reason - it was especially great to be able to have your voice nearby for encouragement.

-- Marlowe G.

I wanted to let you know how much I really enjoyed your book because I honestly do NOT like reading books at all. I've grown up with ESPN and MTV around my life. However, after I came across your interview on CNBC's "The Big Idea", I really became intrigued by your story. I really just want to say thanks for all the great business advice you give, it's "knowledge" that I wouldn't be able to get from a textbook!

-- Rex T.

I found your book extremely inspiring and uplifting.

-- Rob S.

You Call the Shots book is awesome

-- Jennifer M.

Your book really inspired me...I'm on page 144 of your book, and every night I read it before I go to bed for about an hour. Once I finish a chapter, I always set the book down and jump on my computer. Every single time I finish, it motivates me more and more to get on my computer and start my own business. And that's what I plan to do.

-- Drew R.

I have read your book and you have truly inspired me.

-- Tom P.

I recently bought your book, and appreciate the information you relayed. You are a unique pioneer.

-- Katherine W.

I was very inspired by your book. I never had the privilege as a young child to learn from my parents the valuable lessons that you now demonstrate. I am learning new things everyday and unlearning lessons from my past. I am constantly looking for ways to get to the next level and learn how to be a better professional/ servant leader. I came across your book by accident. I was walking through a book store in the small town that I live in, I was looking for a book that would help me learn more on how to manage my business. After leaving the business section of the book store I was bout to walk out. I saw the title of your book and notice how youthful you looked, so I picked it up. I decided to purchase the book and it was one of the best decisions I made.. I was so inspired that I have been telling all business classes that I am enrolled in that, this book is a must read. I purchased a second copy and mailed it off to my twelve year old brother. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

-- Roy J.

I have read your book with enthusiasm and delight. What a great read! And congratulations!

-- Chris P.

Loved your book.

-- Amanda B.

Just read your new book (in Chinese). Very informative & encouraging for entrepreneurs, thank you!

-- Gary L.

Loved your book. Very specific and avoided clichés and platitudes.

-- Ruth C.

I just finished reading your book and I have to say it was truly inspiring.

-- Brian F.

I very much enjoyed your book--it was very inspirational.

-- Jill C.

I just got done reading your book! It was great! One of the best books I have ever read!

-- Leonard M.

Read your most recent book "You Call the Shots" and enjoyed it.

-- Anthony C.